Love and encouragement is resulting in life-change in the Roseland community of Chicago

What Love Can Do

This is baby Khloe. Holding her is one of our volunteers, Kristina. Khloe’s mom, Krystal, first came to Ms. Pearl’s Good News Daycare 8 years ago with her first baby. She was not married but Ms. Pearl gave her boyfriend, Will, a job cleaning in the daycare and as a requirement, they both began attending Bible studies. After listening, learning, encouragement and biblical teaching, they got married. It was not easy, but through constant discipleship, they worked on building their marriage.

Will got a job working for the USPS and loved being able to provide for his growing family. Next, through Ms. Pearl’s encouragement, this couple took a huge leap of faith and Krystal decided to go off welfare. They are now saving to buy their first house, and Krystal is finishing school to be an RN (while being encouraged daily that she is a wife & mom first). Baby Khloe is their 4th girl so they have their hands full.

This is one of MANY stories that have a very different outcome because Ms. Pearl was there to love children… and their parents. Reclaim3d supports her in making a difference in one of the toughest neighborhoods of Chicago.