Night To Shine

On February 10th with almost 100 guests and 200 volunteers, The Tim Tebow Night to Shine prom for those with special needs was truly a night to remember! Our churches were part of a national movement – 375 other churches in all 50 states and 11 different countries hosted, with 75,000 guests and 150,000 volunteers that did their best to provide an unforgettable experience for attendees.

The guests at the Joliet location of Night to Shine partied the night away! When they arrived they had their hair and make-up touched up, shoes shined, went for a limo ride, walked a red carpet and more. That was just the beginning – they enjoyed a fantastic dinner, danced for hours, sang karaoke and made silly faces for the photo booth. Each guest was partnered with a “buddy” and the event was staffed with plenty of volunteers to make sure all needs were taken care of. As a volunteer, the best and worst parts of the evening occurred simultaneously at check-out. It was sad to see the fun and magic end for our guests who truly enjoyed a special evening, but it was amazing to hear the guests, parents, and caretakers proclaim what an amazing experience was provided for them!