Help support girls rescued from human trafficking by purcfhasing jewelry made by the girls.

Rescuing Girls From Human Trafficking

You can support girls rescued from human trafficking by purchasing handmade jewelry made by these very girls. You’re invited to a jewelry party to raise money for Destiny Rescue. This is a mission that rescues girls from exploitation. In addition to pulling the girls out of the abusive environment, the funds supply training for a different trade for the girls to learn and be able to use to further their life and never have to experience the tragedy of human trafficking ever again.

The average jewelry party provides 50 days of freedom to a rescued girl! They provide a great opportunity for you to spread the word about Destiny Rescue and for you and your friends to buy beautiful jewelry that’s been handcrafted by rescued girls from around the world.

Every purchase of handmade jewelry supports girls in earning a safe wage. The rescued girls receive an income from jewelry making, and many feel able to leave the brothels and stay out for good. Every purchase changes lives.

This is an open event to everyone. Add it to your calendar now and invite a bunch of friends. Friday, July 28th, 7-9 pm!