Reclaimed partners with Destiny Rescue to rescue girls from exploitation.

400 Girls Rescued From Human Trafficking


This week we are celebrating the rescue of 400 girls from human trafficking so far in 2018. While this is great news, we are also saddened by the overall situation and how many children are living in these deplorable conditions of slavery and exploitation. They are trapped and forced into acts that are beyond comprehension. Last week 12 minors were rescued with the youngest being only eleven years old! This is heartbreaking and Reclaim3d will continue to partner with Destiny Rescue to rescue these young girls.

Reclaim3d partners with Destiny Rescue to rescue girls from exploitation. In addition to pulling the girls out of the abusive environment, the funds supply training for a different trade for the girls to learn and be able to use to further their life and never have to experience the tragedy of human trafficking ever again.

Check out Destiny Rescue’s Facebook page for videos to give you a feel for the mission. Here’s one…

I’ve just rescued an angel

“I’ve just rescued an angel” – Tony Kirwan. You can help rescue the next angel, learn more here: #irescue

Posted by Destiny Rescue on Monday, March 5, 2018